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In writing of the deck from which the four cavaliers (jacks) here reproduced were taken, William Andrew Chatto notes: "Some of the specimens of Portuguese cards given in the 'Jeux de Cartes, Tarots et de Cartes Numérales' have very much the appearance of having been originally suggested by, if net copied from, an Oriental type; more especially in the suits of Danari and Bastani,--Money and Clubs. In those cards the circular figure, generally understood as representing Danari, or Money, is certainly much more like the Chakra, or quoit of Vichnou [Vishnu], as seen in Hindostanic drawings, than a piece of coin; while on the top of the Club is a diamond proper, which is another of the attributes of the same deity." Also worthy of note are the Rosicrucian and Masonic emblems appearing on various mediæval decks. As the secrets of these organizations were often concealed in cryptic engravings, it is very probable that the enigmatic diagrams upon various decks of cards were used both to conceal and to perpetuate the political and philosophical arcana of these orders. The frontispiece of Mr. Chatto's books shows a knave of hearts bearing a shield emblazoned with a crowned Rosicrucian rose.

Magical Correspondences---Heidrick Under edit and expansion. Last updated: January 23, 2002 .
Incorporating class materials prepared in 1972 . by the author, Bill Heidrick Copyright © 1972 and 1990 by Bill Heidrick The Roman numerals at some column heads refer to Crowley's Liber 777 I.
Scale: CLXXV.
Letters: II.
Hebrew Names for
Numbers and Letters:
English Pronun.
of column II.: III.
of column II: 0 - Ain Nothing 00 - Ain Soph Without Limit 000 - Ain Soph Aur Limitless Light 1 - Keter Crown 2 - Chokmah Wisdom 3 - Binah Understanding 4 - Chesed Mercy 5 - Geburah Severity 6 - Tipheret Beauty 7 - Netzach Endurance to Victory 8 - Hod Splendour 9 - Yesod Foundation 10 - Malkut Kingdom 11 Aleph Ox 12 Bet House 13 Gimmel Camel 14 Dalet Door 15 Heh Window 16 Vau or Wow Nail 17 Zain Sword 18 Chet Fence 19 Tet Serpent 20 Yod Hand (open from back) 21 or Kaph Hand (closed or from palmer side) 22 Lamed Ox Goad 23 or Mem Water 24 or Nun Fish 25 Samekh Prop 26 Ayin Eye 27 or Peh Mouth 28 or Tzaddi Fish Hook 29 Qof Back of Head 30 Resh Head 31 Shin Tooth 32 Taw Cross or Mark 32bis Taw Cross or Mark 31bis Shin Tooth Explanation: Key Scale: Relates these correspondences to the "Tree of Life" pattern. The 32 divisions below "0" are often called "Thirty-Two Divine Emanations". Sometimes, as in the table just above, these key numbers are offset to right or left. Offset to the left indicates "Mother Letters" and a correspondence to elements. Offset to the right indicates "Single Letters" and a correspondence to the signs of the Zodiac. Centered key numbers represent the rest, including the "Double Letters", Sephiroth, and often also planets.

Hebrew Letters: Where two are given, the one on the left is the usual form; and the one on the right is used at the ends of words ("final" letters). The approximate English equivalent will usually match the initial letter in the English pronunciation of the Hebrew letter name --- see below for exceptions and more help with this.

Hebrew Names: Hebrew reads from right to left. English reads from left to right. Some of the letter names have several Hebrew spellings: . can be or .

English Pronunciation: How to say Column II. English spelling of Hebrew differs greatly with different methods of transliteration and phonetic representation. These entries are intended to help the reader pronounce the Hebrew and to identify the English representations of these words in the text below. For example: may be represented in English by different authors for different purposes in the following ways: 1. to show the spelling in Hebrew: KThR 2. to indicate Sephardic pronunciation: Keter 3. to indicate Ashkenazic pronunciation: Keser 4. compromise between sound and spelling: Kether, Cather, ... An effort will be made in this presentation to keep the English representations of these Hebrew words relatively uniform, but some variation will appear below. It is important to learn how to recognize English representations of foreign words by context, since there is no fixed spelling in use by all authors. If the student becomes too accustomed to one usage, other books on the subject will be closed to study.

English Translation: What the Hebrew in Column II means in English.
Scale: CLXXV.
Letters:: CLXXVI.
Number Value
of Letters: XIV. and CLXXIX.
Modern Tarot Trumps and Trump Numbers
(with some sequence variations): 11 1 (0.) The Fool 12 2 I. The Magician 13 3 II. The High Priestess 14 4 III. The Empress 15 5 IV. The Emperor (or XVII. The Star) 16 6 V. The Hierophant 17 7 VI. The Lovers 18 8 VII. The Chariot 19 9 VIII. Strength (or XI. Strength) 20 10 IX. The Hermit 21 or 20 or 500 X. The Wheel of Fortune 22 30 XI. Justice (or VIII. Justice) 23 or 40 or 600 XII. The Hanged Man 24 or 50 or 700 XIII. Death 25 60 XIV. Temperance 26 70 XV. The Devil 27 or 80 or 800 XVI. The Tower 28 or 90 or 900 XVII. The Star (or IV. The Emperor) 29 100 XVIII. The Moon 30 200 XIX. The Sun 31 300 XX. Judgment 31 400 XXI. The World In reckoning the correspondences between Hebrew Letters and Tarot, there are several points to remember. The dominant correspondences are to the Hebrew Letters, and changes in Tarot attribution do not effect other correspondences to the Letters. Tarot Trump titles vary in different styles of decks, but most can readily be identified. The numbers of the Justice and Strength Trumps were reversed by the Golden Dawn authors to make a better fit to the Hebrew. Older decks show Justice as VIII and Strength as XI. This reversal does not effect the correspondence of Lamed for Justice and Tet for Strength. Aleister Crowley came to advocate switching The Star and The Emperor Trumps, and that switch does effect certain of the correspondences of the those Trumps. Switching Star and Emperor does not effect the correspondences to the Hebrew Letters Heh and Tzaddi beyond the Trumps themselves. Thus: Heh---Aries---Emperor, or Heh---Aries---Star, but not Heh---Aquarius---Star. There are other systems of attribution between Tarot and Hebrew, as well as alternative approaches to the Heh/Tzaddi switch. The system used here is that introduced by the Order of the Golden Dawn. Ordo Templi Orientis favors the Hay/Tzaddi switch, but not officially in the manner I have presented here. The present OTO approach includes other correspondences in the switch.

Astrology: VI.
Hebrew term used
for items in CLXXVII:
English pronunciation.
of column VI.: 1 Primum Mobile    Rashit Ha-Galgalim 2 Zodiac Maslot 3 Saturn Shabbatai 4 Jupiter Tzedeq 5 Mars Madim 6 Sun Schemesh 7 Venus or Nogah 8 Mercury Kokab 9 Moon Lebanah 10 Earth    Olam Yesodot 11 Air Ruach 12 Mercury Kokab 13 Moon Lebanah 14 Venus or Nogah 15 Aries Tale 16 Taurus Sur 17 Gemini Tomaim 18 Cancer Soratan 19 Leo Ari 20 Virgo Betula 21 Jupiter Tzedeq 22 Libra Mozenim 23 Water Mem 24 Scorpio Akrab 25 Sagittarius Keshit 26 Capricorn Gedi 27 Mars Madim 28 Aquarius Doli 29 Pisces Dagim 30 Sun Schemesh 31 Fire Fire 32 Saturn Shabbatai 32bis Earth Aretz Explanation: Items matching Key scale 1-10 refer to the Sephiroth (singular: Sephira), the ten numbers created in the beginning. Items under Key scale 11-32 refer to the twenty-two "paths" which link the Sephiroth together. Thus 1-10 forms one system and 11-32 another. This explains the double association of the planets to 1-10 as well as 11-32.
Severity Otz Chaiim Pillar
Mercy      Pillar
Mildness Some Correspondences to the Number 4 Tetragrammaton --- the four-fold name Basic example:

The body of every thing was likened to a rock, trued either into a cube or more ornately chiseled to form a pedestal, while the spirit of everything was likened to the elaborately carved figure surmounting it. Accordingly, altars were erected as a symbol of the lower world, and fires were kept burning upon them to represent that spiritual essence illuminating the body it surmounted. The square is actually one surface of a cube, its corresponding figure in plane geometry, and its proper philosophic symbol. Consequently, when considering the earth as an element and not as a body, the Greeks, Brahmins, and Egyptians always referred to its four corners, although they were fully aware that the planet itself was a sphere.

There are, in Greek, two words for will, which are used, for example, in New Testament partly synonym : thelema and boule .

Since my great grandfather first spoke of it 50 years ago today, the Military- Industrial Complex has thrived on official state secrecy, and even as disclosure happens, it will most likely be done in a manipulated way, never fully revealing why secrecy has flourished and what has been done behind our back for all of these years. Yet, disclosure is inevitably happening among us, and if we can understand and integrate other valuable truths, we will be protected against disclosure being used to introduce false concepts that will draw us further into the web of deceit. Fifty years after President Eisenhower warned the American people about the Military-Industrial Complex, that culture is preparing to disclose the fruits of its 50-year, Strangelovian departure from sanity, including the introduction of human robots that will act as weapons of war and even a faked war with an ET race using hologram technology that has existed for decades. Even if we witness aspects of a catastrophic timeline emerging, we must hold fast to the truth that we have a choice to not venture down that path.  Ultimately, everything we see happening in our world reveals the health of the collective whole as an extension of ourselves, as we are extensions of the many dimensions and emanating the ones that match our vibratory frequency.  If we are not a part of the problem, then we don’t have to engage in the battles that have been prepared for us.  It is my conviction that President Obama is a leader that we can feel good about, but we still don’t want to turn a blind eye to the reality that is being hidden from us and perhaps even from him.

After the death of Moses, the Jews under Joshua were able to capture the ancient city of Jericho, and settle in Canaan. The monotheistic religion of YHWH grew stronger over the generations with persistent efforts by the Jewish leaders, staunchly supported by the Levites, who presided over the ark and the sanctuary. After a period of being ruled and advised by a number of judges (including the female judge, Deborah ), the last and most famous of whom was Samuel , the Jews elected a king, Saul , to unify and lead them. This was a mixed blessing, in that monarchical rule violated the spirit of egalitarianism (imperfect though it be) which had characterized the Jewish people until that time. Saul died in battle, and was followed by the illustrious shepherd, poet and "giant-slayer," David . During the reign of King David's son, Solomon , the great Temple at Jerusalem was built to house the Ark of the Covenant. However, King Solomon's marital ties with numerous non-Jewish women led him to build altars and temples to other gods, and it is said that, due to his forgetting the pure monotheism of the Patriarchs, Israel incurred G-d's wrath. After his death the kingdom split into two rival factions, Judah in the south, with Jerusalem its capital, and Israel in the north of the Palestine area.

According to Josephus, Titus, the Roman General who razed Jerusalem to the ground in 70 AD, allowed Fort Antonia to remain to house the Tenth Legion left to monitor Roman affairs in Jerusalem.

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